Here's a dumb, throw away one: circa 1991 (yes that makes me old), I hooked up with actor John Benjamin Hickey on one of those telephone, jack off lines in NYC.He lived in West Village then and hadn't "made it" yet. There's a girl that filmed an entire scene of the upcoming Tonya Harding movie. Way back when Ana Marie was a semi regular on Rachel's show, the flirtations were so over the top that Rachel's entire face and throat would burn crimson.She lived with him like a happy married couple in Atlanta in July 2015 while he was filming Captain America Civil War (source: Jimmy Kimmel interview)r107, the problem is A-List guys have shills and crazy fans who protect their client's / idol's public image discouraging further discussion about him everywhere they see it.

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R122, when you can come up with a piece of gossip that has at least one foot set in reality, come back here and post it.

Every knows your "rumour has it..." posts are utter garbage coming from a lonely, socially misplaced, attention seeking, ASSHOLE. the "queen pretending to be a woman" is garnering more attention than you with your stupid attention-seeking lies. If you really want attention, how about jumping off the ledge of a very high building next time.

Avengers 3: Infinity War opens May 2018, so in April RDJ will be on every talk show, and in front of every unpredictable reporter (some who will dredge up the divorce).

He can continue secretly riding the cock carousel and doing whatever he does with her.

Lots of sex, lots of weed, lots of third partners, because one of them likes to take on (in? Yes, Darren Criss does have sex with men to get ahead, but no, he didn't have to put out for Ryan Murphy for Glee..person he actually slept with was a producer on that show instead. Sticking to the topic of Glee, Adam Shankman went into rehab for drug addiction when it came to his attention a video was circulating Tumblr of him in a sling taking all comers and most of a fist while on a bender after wrapping a Glee christmas episode. Bradley Cooper has used them as well, which may not be a surprise you. Cooper became so smitten with a young Midwestern friend that, when their long weekend was up, he was so despondent and inconsolable his management team got involved and basically blackmailed him into showing up to a table read the next day. If anyone is caught doing drugs, they will be immediately fired. He is worth over 200M, has made over a billion for Marvel, and has 2 Avengers movies costing them upwards of 500M coming out.

Although you couldn't see his face and the video had been out there for a year, he apparently had no memory of the event, and was motivated to make a change, so good for him. I'm guessing the housekeeping duties for that condo are pretty demanding. I have a zero tolerance policy for drug use." The gossip is that it was the two actresses who were the biggest users unbeknownst to the producer. One had to go to Betty Ford to kick her habit, but while there she struck up a friendship with a crusty, Broadway legend who encouraged her to branch out and try some stage work.[quote] One had to go to Betty Ford to kick her habit, but while there she struck up a friendship with a crusty, Broadway legend who encouraged her to branch out and try some stage work. I am sure they banking on Infinity War to make another billion in 2018.I do background work/extra work in TV shows and movies. We all had to start signing NDAs after a girl was an extra on GLEE and she tweeted out who the king and queen of the prom were adding "#GLEE"Producers were PISSED. Hard to get credible scoop on RDJ because a) his wife "manages" him to be a private celeb b) Marvel will do/cover/give him anything since he cemented his stardom. [Quote] Nothing makes me run away from a piece of gossip faster than a statement that begins with "Rumour has it...". You only believe gossip if someone pretends they are a straight woman who has fucked her way around the Hollywood scene.They told us at Central Casting "Trust us, you do NOT want to get in a twitter war" with a certain GLEE producer. after 11 months of prison with about 200 dicks sucked in return for a lot of crack, you know there’s a totally different reality and that Downey is fascinating to watch. Plenty of famous, richer men DL doesn't care about (like Bono, who's boring anyway). Especially if "she" has being a drug-dealer as part of her narrative."She" can throw out a few bones outing obvious closet cases but usually assures the Gays here that ALL of the hot men they hear "rumours" about are super-straight, and she's had sex with a few.The question is: is Susan living with RDJ now in his rented Atlanta mansion while he films Avengers 4 now?No one here knows, as we're not his set driver or Marvel big shots.Every season I ask him for spoilers, and every year he tells me to fuck off.