If you don’t have a Rose, you don’t have the right to be there, period. This is all your fault, Bentley.) However, it’s quite clear from the moment that Ashley opens the door that Ryan’s return isn’t quite as welcome as Bentley’s had been.

“People are not houses,” he wisely says in his own defense, but Ashley’s not convinced. Where, to everyone’s complete surprise, Constantine tells Ashley that he has to turn down the Overnight Fantasy Suite because he’s not 100% feeling it.

She’s clearly telling him that she won’t be on the market forever and he might have to move a bit quicker than he’s comfortable with. (And by “could”, I mean “will”.) As the two meet up for their dinner date, Constantine has clearly thought about Ashley’s (totally muddled) house analogy and he tells her that though he hasn’t “held back” during the dating process, he’s “still unsure.” [INTERRUPTION: The President of the United States and the House Speaker choose perhaps the most inconvenient moment to speak about the debt ceiling. “If we’re going to be honest about it, this means the end of the road for me,” he says, effectively dumping her, leaving before their dinner is even finished. First Bentley (which we could actually count twice), then Mickey, and now Constantine, have all decided that Ashley wasn’t for them.

He’s positively giddy over their ride, which is a sweet, if not somewhat disproportionate reaction for a grown man.

And as the helicopter lifts off the ground and flies away, the camera cuts to Ryan, standing alone and forlorn on a beach below, “just waiting.” Sorry, Ry, things aren’t looking good.

) (LIST: 32 Epic Reality TV Moments) While Ry sweats it out, Ashley goes on an ultra-romantic Fantasy Overnight Date: Boat Edition with Ben.

As they board their love boat, they quickly attend to the matter of Ben’s mom and sister and the fact that they were chillier than icicles to Ashley.As she leaves, Ryan tells us that “it hurt the first time Ashley let me go, and it hurts again now.” But he’s confident (or crazed) that he’ll have his storybook ending someday, as he continually repeats “it’ll happen,” until the camera just has to cut away.Now that Ashley’s ego is partially restored, she’s ready for her next Overnight Fantasy Date with JP.And just before the camera crew leaves for couple alone for the first time ever, Ashley tells us that she’s “really falling in love with him.” But no matter how much she’s falling for Ben, she has other men to attend to and next up is Constantine.As they two meet in a field, running towards one another, Ashley’s voice over explains how her relationship with Constantine has moved the slowest of all the guys’ (warning sign! Constantine does seem genuinely happy to see Ashley though not nearly as happy as he is to see the transportation for their date: a helicopter.Constantine, of course, was the most decent about it, noting that his “biggest fear was hurting Ashley or embarrassing her.” (Awww!