It was a simple matter of respect and dignity and of treating their employees right.Rosenbluth International, a corporate travel agency, took it even further.

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One of the hallmark symptoms of a narcissist is her inability to perceive others as people with needs of their own.

Narcissistic mothers are only able to see their children as extensions of herself-little mirrors that reflect back to her.

One woman who frequently flew on Southwest, was constantly disappointed with every aspect of the company’s operation.

In fact, she became known as the “Pen Pal” because after every flight she wrote in with a complaint.

When he’d finished the task and returned to the office, he told management about his experience. Just like Kelleher dismissed the irate lady who kept complaining (but somehow also kept flying on Southwest), Service Gruppen fired a bad customer.

Note that it was not even a matter of a financial calculation – not a question of whether either company would make or lose money on that customer in the long run.Using the slogan “The customer is always right” abusive customers can demand just about anything – they’re right by definition, aren’t they?This makes the employees’ job that much harder, when trying to rein them in.In these cases, the people were shopping for a fight rather than a commodity.” If you liked this post, there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy: Thanks for visiting my blog.If you're new here, you should check out this list of my 10 most popular articles.Put employees first, and they will be happy at work. Don’t abuse our people.'”A Continental flight attendant once was offended by a passenger’s child wearing a hat with Nazi and KKK emblems on it. We made every effort to explain our policy and the federal air regulations, but he wasn’t hearing it.