Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears wrote: Between August and November 2006, Ms.

Chase developed a relationship with a female student where she would have her over to her house for cookouts and to occasionally spend the night.

Besides, for purposes of their relationships with teachers, high school seniors, even if they are 18, are still kids, as the legislature clearly concluded, and prosecutors are not free to second guess them. Because there I was, all by myself, in arguing that Mc Elhenney should be subject to felony charges.

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Even if a student is of the age of consent, the situation between a grade school teacher and student is different than in any other educational setting.

You are taught from a very young age that teachers are your custodians from the time you get to school until the time you leave.

If it did bar such a defense, then a 30-year-old law school professor who engaged in fully consensual sex with a 50-year-old law student embarking on a second career would be guilty of a felony and face a minimum 10-year prison term. Richmond County District Attorney Ashley Wright said that she will be talking to the girl in the case to see what role Ms.

Chase’s as an authority figure may have coerced the girl in any way.

The prosecution objected to the testimony because they said consent was not relevant, and this was upheld by the judge. Chase was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Chief Justice Sears wrote: But the General Assembly did not specifically bar a consent defense when it enacted the state law making it a crime for a teacher to have sex with a student enrolled in school.

If he had not been a student, he would have been considered a consenting adult. When the Texas law was originally drafted, it was limited to students 17 years of age and under.

Under a Texas law passed three years ago, teachers who have sex with their students may be convicted of a felony and sent to prison for The boy in question was 18.

In short, fine, this law was flawed, this particular teacher may get out for now, but it still doesn’t make what she did proper or correct.

The state of Georgia needs to revisit the law, and every other state best look at their own to make sure they couldn’t have a similar problem.

Age of consent or no, just say no to grade school teacher student sex.