The fire was stoked by the verger and the coal shed was on the left hand side in a little recess of the church. On the corner of Tollgate Road and the High Street were two cottages and between these and the School we had a very nice Hall which belonged to the British Legion. During the first year of the war I belonged to the Local Defence Volunteers, later called Home Guard, and we often used to sleep in the Hall when off duty.

I can still remember the old Legion members, including my dad, wearing all their medals and displaying the Culham British Legion Flag, marching from the Hall down to the Church where the bugler was waiting for them on Remembrance Day between the war years.

Filling this and the washing trays took a lot of trips to the well with buckets, not to mention the laying and lighting of the fire.

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Living conditions: All the cottages were quite small. In our case the well served 5 houses and we had to fetch the water in buckets.

The only lighting was by paraffin lamps and candles.

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I was born on the 5th of April 1924 and, have lived in Culham all my life. The Morrell family looked after their tenants and everyone received a supply of coal for the winter which was delivered to every cottage and dumped by the front gate and it had to be cleared away within 2 days.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Love you all and Merry Christmas to each and everyone! If the Junior teacher did not turn up for some reason, we took it in turn to take over a class. At the age of 11 we had to march up to Culham College Practice School. In the winter, we skated on the frozen water in the meadows. When we progressed to the Senior Class we sometimes helped out.I still remember the ponies pulling the trucks of clay up the rail line from the clay pit at the bottom to the work sheds.There were 9 houses on the left hand side of the High Street, then a big gap.We also had a full size Football Pitch in the Glebe field and a team of players to be proud of.