Or, even worse, being taken advantage of by a noncommittal church boy with vague intentions.

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But he will be interested in one woman more than the others and will befriend/orbit her.

He will not immediately ask her out because he better be 100% sure she will say yes.

Finally, it’s a problem that’s disappointing many of the young Christian women in our lives. But somewhere among books like I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a lack of relationship role models and trying to navigate the minefield that is modern dating, something changed for our generation. Chances are pretty good that all of these women know each other and fellowship on a regular basis.

A number of problematic attitudes crept into Christian culture. Chances are also pretty high that they share stories and gossip with each other.

Here’s why, the logical reasoning of man: 1) If he asks her out and gets rejected, then all of the girls in the group will learn of the rejection.

2) Once the other girls learn of the rejection, then chances are very high that *none* of them will accept him on a date.

These women(girls) play games in church all the time and reject guys constantly, then they hit on the same very few douche bag dudes in church and compete for the say top 10% and wonder why they all feel insecure and cant get a “real man”.

Then they pick some worldly asshole, while they reject the real Godly humble men.

I decided to slightly venture away from the “blueprint” being offered by Christian relationship experts. I’ll hold on to my recommendations until I’ve explored this all a little bit more, but from the looks of it, date three (or more) to “find” the one may prove to be a success. Should Christian women consider seeing more than one man at a time before choosing to make a commitment?