I spoke to Sansa once and she shut it down saying she isn’t going.

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She’s made it clear that she’ll leave her job if necessary in order to avoid going.

At this point, we need to decide how we’re going to move forward. ” If your boss still keeps harping on it, say this: “She’s made it clear she won’t go.

She has valid reasons for that, including religious ones.

We cannot continue to pressure her, and she won’t change her mind if we do.

So, for those us in North America – the “new kids,” as it were — that would mean a day of travel on each end of the meeting, thus a full week away.

My main concern is for the accessibility-challenged among us – someone who has mobility issues, a broken bone, severe allergies, or requires use of a CPAP.

She would be restricted on where she could go outside the compound.

Things for entertainment like movie theatres are banned and don’t exist there and her internet use would be censored and monitored.

(I suppose at some point, you could switch to, “We’re running out of time to find someone else, and I think we need to shift our efforts to that.”) 3. I did all of the rounds of interviews for a job, and in the final interview, the head of the group I was interviewing for asked me when I’d be able to give a yes/no if an offer was extended, since it was pretty heavily implied that I’d get the job.

I had said I’d like to finish a few other interviews, and asked for until the end of April (this was in late March).

You can say the things that would get a reasonable person to back off, and even most pushy people.