An accountant/A trade union executive/A Legco candidate A band drummer Ma Wing Yee's husband Au Hoi Ching's love interest, later her lover Yip Chi Yan's admirer Sung Yee Long and Cheng Chun Hin's friend Au Hoi Ching's superior, later lover, finally broke up Yung Cheuk Wah's subordinate, later lover Killed and ate Hui Ka Ming DJ Yip Kwong Loi's daughter Cheung Pui Kwan's stepdaughter Yung Cheuk Tung's friend Hui Ka Ming, Sung Yee Long's ex-girlfriend Arthur's mistress, later broke up Lau Chun Hung, Sung Yee Long and Cheng Chun Hin's friend and love interest A telecom technician, a band guitarist Yip Chi Yan's first boyfriend Lau Chun Hung, Mok Ho Yin and Cheung Kin Sang's friend Killed and eaten by Lau Chun Hung, Sung Yee Long and Cheng Chun Hin at the snow mountain The opening and closing theme songs of When Heaven Burns were composed by Paul Wong, formerly of the Hong Kong band Beyond.

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Moses believed they just had the mentality of fans.

First time shooting out in Mainland, Aimee has been well-taken care of by many people, and is not worried of safety.

Of actions and choices there are consequences and the series ends with the authorities reserving the right to hold some one responsible for the unlicensed festival.

The policeman investigating Ka Ming's death predicts that because they have broken a taboo each of the friends will suffer the comeuppance that karma demands, that Joe be imprisoned for financial fraud, that Ronnie be ostracised by his peers and go blind and asks of Angus what his comeuppance will be.

This event has a traumatic effect on them, their friendship, and their friendship with Yan (Charmaine Sheh), Ka Ming's girlfriend, leading the previously close group to go their separate ways and abandon their friendship.

Eighteen years later, Yan remains haunted by the memory of Ka Ming, trying to regain what she had with him in part with her husband and in part with her lover, but finding neither a complete replacement for her lost love breaks with them both.

When Heaven Burns is a 2011 Hong Kong television serial produced by TVB and starring Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Shiu and Kenny Wong.

First revealed during TVB's Sales Presentation 2009 in 2008, filming took place in late 2009 to early 2010, with the first episode airing both in Hong Kong and TVB's overseas affiliates and partners on 21 November 2011.

Learning that Yan has decided to leave Hong Kong and that she will no longer see the friends Angus predicts that his punishment will be that he will be lonely for the remainder of his life, never being able to be with the one woman who he has ever loved, the only woman he can ever love.

Despite all his protestations that he is no longer a good person and that it is impossible for him to become one again, Joe cancels his contract to have Angus killed, and when faced with the sight of a child possibly being run over instinctively acts to save the child (revealed later to be also named Ka Ming), giving up his life in the process.

Does she believe she and Kevin are the most matching? " Myolie Wu was away from HK for several months shooting a new Mainland series.