Beyond telling a scintillating story, Lauren said she wrote her memoir to encourage women to have more compassion for each other, and themselves.She argued that her story reveals a commonality of experience for American women, in a society that judges them by strict standards of physical beauty.In reality, the women were the merchandise in a high-class meat market catering to a single customer: Prince Jefri, a man with an appetite difficult to satisfy.

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Though her experience with sex work made it difficult to trust men, Lauren said her marriage has made her feel more stable.

I have a really good guy this time, she said of husband Scott Shriner, bassist in the rock band Weezer. Now they live in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, where Lauren works as a writer.

A brightly colored dragon tattoo winds up her left arm, and a scaly Piscesher birth signswims on her right.

They’re for protection, she said — but they also represent parts of herself you can’t see.

She bit her lower lip and swung her legs playfully in her chair as she tried to explain how a girl from the suburbs found her way into the harem of a sultan.

I wanted to see extraordinary things, she said simply. By the time she returned to the United States three years later, she reports, shed scored upwards of 0,000 in cash and luxury goods.The princes favorite girls get showered in jewelry, cash, and couture clothes. She is Jillian Lauren, 36, who tells all in her new memoir: Some Girls: My Life in a Harem (Plume, 2010).I was seeking adventure, an extreme experience of life, Lauren said in a recent interview, her wide smile glowing with red lipstick and impish charm.The self-punishment, and the self-hatred is our battle in this culture, she said.I hope to really forge connections between women, because I think that we are our own worst enemies and harshest critics.After graduating from the private Newark High School in 1990 at 16, Lauren began her freshman year as a theater major at New York University.