The job was created for Sterger and entailed wearing cleavage-baring jerseys while reporting feature spots from the sidelines.

But in 2009, the vixen decided to shed her image as a walking pair of silicone 34Ds.

Sterger was Reese’s only female client, he said, and he looked after her like a sister. Deadspin said it had obtained the materials from a third party.

“She mentioned she wanted to get the implants removed, and I was all for it,” said Reese, who scored her a spread in Cosmopolitan magazine, where she talked about removing her breast implants. Reese said he was informed of the story the night before it went live.

15, 2005, when a TV camera’s pan of the bleachers found her sitting pretty in a tight pair of jeans shorts, a bikini top and a cowboy hat at the Florida State-University of Miami football game.

Overnight, Sterger, now 27, gained a cult following.

Aaron Rodgers just can’t seem to catch a break this season.

The Green Bay Packers' perennial Pro Bowl quarterback has struggled to find his impeccable touch in 2016, coming into Sunday’s game against the Cowboys ranked near the bottom of the league in many passing categories.

When Toni throws out that she’s dated “lots of beautiful, gorgeous men in my life,” Tamar tells her that they’re “too much work” and goes on a schpiel about why she should change her approach and consider guys who may not be up to her “looks” standard.“I’m an alpha woman,” Toni declares, to Tamar’s bewilderment. I don’t know how to do the soft stuff.”Then, the sisters do a bit of roleplaying so Tamar can show Toni how to be more of a “damsel in distress.” Will Toni bite?

Watch the hilarious video above to find out how it all plays out.

“It gets to where it’s a mental struggle to just block it out and play,” Favre said.

ET has the exclusive first look at Thursday’s brand new episode, where the 48-year-old singer has a heart-to-heart with her sister, Tamar, about getting back in the dating scene.

But she told Reese she harbored grander ambitions, he said.