These little apple pies are perfect for dipping and would even make a nice appetizer instead of dessert if you please. This lovely grilled dish is packed with flavor and features a unique sauce that everyone can make.

Sure, ketchup and mustard are classics we all love, but every once and awhile, it’s nice to try something new.

Using rice will help bind these burgers together, and the result is a truly hearty burger that satisfies you for hours.

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For the kiddies or adults who just love a mean grilled cheese, what better recipe could you ask for?

Filled with some spice, and gooey vegan cheese that’s surprisingly really good, this vegan grilled ‘cheese’ sandwich will have everyone wondering why they ever went for the dairy cheese to begin with. Whip out the tongs, fire up the grill, and let’s get cooking this spring and summer! Whether they are sweet or savory, biscuits are the ultimate sidekick to your breakfast and brunch.

Plus, grilling plant-based options takes less time and brings out their natural flavors, even without special seasonings and sauces.

So, if you’re having a get together anytime soon, be sure you check out our top grilled recipes that we think you’ll love.

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The creamy avocados take on a whole new flavor once grilled, while the tomatoes add the perfect balance between sweet and savory.