Recently, many new popular styles of cooking have surfaced as well, like salted-egg crabs or crab Is it Chinese, Indian or Malay?

This is another ambiguous dish which probably has a South Indian origin, but has been heavily influenced by the various ethnicities in Singapore. Either half a head or the whole head of a red snapper is stewed in curry with assorted vegetables like lady’s finger (okra) and brinjal (aubergine).

Many others have tried to cover Singapore’s food and although I appreciate Chef Anthony Bourdain for his wonderful exploration of Singapore food in his travel journals, I feel only a local can truly express the adequate love for our unique cuisine.

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Another version easily confused by the same name is called is a dish of skewered, turmeric-marinated meat that is grilled on an open fire.

It originates from Indonesia but has become a common hawker dish in Singapore.

Stalls are not restricted to any race and may be operated by the Chinese, Malays or Indians.

Typical meats include chicken, beef, mutton and even pork which is sold by the Chinese stall owners.

The spicy type sees chilli mixed into the noodles, while the non-spicy kids version will have tomato sauce mixed in.

The wanton dumplings may be either deep fried or come in the form of soup dumplings.Whether you need information about the best places to find a job in a particular country or how to find love, you can find some useful information below (grouped by topic).Click on any of the options below in order to go to that section.Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines, incorporating a rich heritage of food dishes consisting of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences.If you are a local Singaporean, you would have seen these dishes in the hawker centres below your void deck, in the food courts of shopping centres and in the quaint shophouses that are decades old.These are the real dishes you need to eat in Singapore before you die.