Many are denied funding by primary care trusts - which foot the bill - because the disease itself does not automatically make the patient eligible for free NHS 'continuing care'.Despite national guidelines, campaigners say local trusts have discretion over who qualifies for free 'continuing care', which results in many requests being unlawfully rejected.Do not worry, it was submitted but you may not be able to edit after submission. Comments that do not add value to the conversation in a positive manner may not appear publicly.

After a five-year battle, the Health Service Ombudsman ordered NHS Worcestershire to reimburse the fees.

Mrs Roe's son Richard, 40, wrote dozens of letters to the NHS Worcestershire Primary Care Trust begging them to reassess his mother. She couldn't make a cup of tea and forgot she had put food on the stove. 'I wanted to know just how ill my mother had to be before her condition was deemed a health issue. 'I want anyone else going through a similar experience to know they may be entitled to care.

Under English law, elderly people must pay for their own residential care unless their needs are health-related, though it is provided free in Scotland.

The Daily Mail's Dignity for the Elderly campaign has repeatedly highlighted the unfairness of the means test system which penalises families who need nursing care for conditions such as Alzheimer's.

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It destroyed my health.' Andrew Harrop, head of policy for Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: 'The system for deciding where the line is drawn between free NHS continuing care and paid-for social care has been a mess for years.

They do not build homes with this type of detail and craftsmanship anymore.

The family of Judith Roe, who died of Alzheimer's aged 74 last October, won back more than £130,000 in care home fees which her local NHS trust had refused to pay, saying her condition was not health-related.