It’s not uncommon to see families where the girl has 6 brothers and sisters all from different fathers.

This is because a lot of Dominican guys don’t want to take care of their kids or don’t have the money (in lower classes). These investments made sure that small bumps in the road (panties of another girl found under the bed, A physical manifestation of the fact that I was seeing other girls) didn’t effect them enough to drop out of the rotation. She will suspect that you are seeing other girls and eventually ask if you are..

You will notice that all my harem girls have their own personal strengths, physically and in their personalities.

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After that, I was a bit exhausted and ready to not have to work for sex. I selected all of my favorite girls from the 31 girls I had hooked up with and started seeing them more and more. Between my game, charm, foreigner status, appearance of money and overall value, I was usually the best prospect for most of these women.

On top of that I kept meeting new girls (although not at the same rate) so I could add new members to my harem girls. There is a rich Dominican class that can compete, but most of those guys have never needed game and the chances that I was in direct competition with one of them for a girl (not including one night) was slim.

I told them that I understood that it’s not fair, but that is how I feel.

They would think about this and then came the promises of fidelity.

This was an amazing system to have because I would have a nice rotation of pussy coming straight to my place with minimal effort. To understand what I did, you have to read a previous article about me hooking up with 31 Dominican girls my first 25 days in the Dominican Republic.

You can find that here: Check out this video of me and other Swoop The World writers in Dominican Republic (sexy Dominican Republic girls included) I have spent a lot of time on my game and improving my value.The best way I found to go about this is to be up front about the fact that you are seeing other girls. Then there is the fact that I will have more time for them.When they asked me if I was seeing other girls (they always would), I would respond “Tu me encantas, pero no estoy listo para algo seria. – I like you a lot, but I’m not ready for anything serious. Because I had so many girls in my rotation, I didn’t have a ton of time and girls would always want to see me more than I wanted to see them.“Te voy a esperar – I will wait for you.” They would tell me that they will not be with anybody else.I only checked on two (key logger) to see if they really were faithful and they were, but to be honest, it wasn’t a huge deal if they followed through with it. Now I will tell you a little bit more about my personal harem.All this comes together and makes it much easier for a Dominican girl to accept that you are seeing multiple girls. I made them invest in me These girls would do a lot for me, essentially investing in the relationship. An important part of maintaining a harem is to avoid talking about other girls and what the relationship is. You shouldn’t lie, but don’t brag or rub it in her face.