It may be more likely, that your husband has bent up rage and only comes out while drinking.His initial relaxation is the reason for the drinking, but then his ability to control his emotion also disappears.

attention dating deficit disorder-65

I told him, lets go and go to the hospital, and he said in a very faint older voice…. Then when I said lets go again, almost in a more firm voice, suddenly his face changed and became very angry, the color came back in his face and he yelled…NO.

I then confronted him about some things I had witnessed when I was a child, such as his addiciton, which he denied, still in an angry tone staring at me as though he wanted to hurt me.

So, yes I have many clients who are addicts that do have Multiple Personality Disorder. Having one of many personalities that is an addict creates enormous problems in overcoming addictions because until that addicted personality is integrated (becomes whole) to the host he/she will always have the alternative to escape real or perceived danger with drugs and/or alcohol. Steve – in short, my husband was diagnosed with DID a few years back. This alter would not surface during phone counseling. Many struggling people who desire God’s help have found comfort, direction, and friendship in CR.

Or even still, chose to be sexually promiscuous as a survival mode on the streets. Just like Bi-polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Hyper-Attention Deficit Disorder, and just about any type of disorder can crossover into addictions because people strive to feel normal. One that needs attention and extensive counseling to resolve. It isn’t group counseling, but it is wonderful Christian support.

I am writing to you because I have been looking up multiple personality disorders, and I came across this website.

I am writing because I am worried about my father, he is now 62 and is not doing well at all.

The other day I went to try to get him to go and get him help and he refused.

He can barely breathe half the time and I fear that he is slowly dieing.

However, this is reported by a part, not physically change in appearance.

PTSD has caused a number of unusual actions/reactions when triggered.

He has not left his house in about 2 months nor has even taken a shower and he seems to be getting worse.