The incidence of antisocial personality is higher in people who have an antisocial biological parent; parents with histories of drug and/or alcohol abuse and who physically and/or emotionally abused the individual during childhood.

Those with antisocial personality disorder who are able to avoid incarceration are typically exploitative, irresponsible, and deceptive.

As spouses, they tend to be abusive, unfaithful, dishonest, and manipulative".

At that point, dating a sociopath seemed like a better option than going back to dating some random adult boy who needed skywriters to praise him for putting the key into the car ignition and effectively backing out of a parking spot. He told me that he would never be capable of loving me more than he loved himself. But most importantly, if I just wanted to vent to someone about my emotions or things that were bothering me, he made it easy. When you have a man who is willing to become anything you want him to be, it makes you question what you do actually want in a partner.

And to be fair, that had pretty much always been the case in my relationships, they had just lied about it until they were tested. There was no chance of him taking my problem and making it about him. Everyone told me I should be scared of James, but he did far less damage to me, emotionally, than the indecisive mama’s boys who needed every person in their lives to approve before they could buy a new pair of socks. He calls me when he needs a moral compass to remind him it is not okay to sleep with someone’s wife just because the husband made an unfunny joke.

People who come into contact with individuals having ASPD or, who try to enter into or remain in a relationship with them, (acting as their "enabler"), may experience hurt, loss of self-esteem and self-worth, depression and, in severe cases, loss of property and life, as this disorder is prevalent and consistent in the person afflicted and prognosis for change or recovery is poor.

Complications for recovery often include the fact that the person has had a history of: About 3% of men and 1% of women in the population have this disorder.

Anyone who remains in a relationship with someone displaying the classic personality traits of an individual with Antisocial Personality Disorder is destined for continuous hurt and disappointment.

People with ASPD do not outwardly appear different from the norm, however with time and opportunity, they will demonstrate unacceptable and hurtful behaviors towards others.

I began researching immediately and what I found was frightening.

The so-called experts recommended everything from reporting him to the police, to relocating to an alpaca ranch in Argentina. If you’re different, charismatic, and dangerous, I’ll probably love you. It was a mythical place I’d heard about in existential philosophy classes but I’d never met anyone who resided there.

I call him when I need to shut down the empathy and plot revenge on my enemies.