All doubts about his time with this prostitute evaporated as Sean enjoyed the feel of his cock in her warm, wet mouth.

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Sean, emboldened by the liquid courage, approached her and asked, "Are you waiting for a taxi?

" She whirled in surprise and looked him up and down, as if studying him. "No..." "Here," she interrupted, seemingly mildly irritated.

As he looked around for his friends however Sean realized he had lost them in the huge crowd of people leaving the bar now that it was closed. It was already late, all the bars were closing, and he was drunk and tired.

All he wanted right now was his bed and pillow, and so he began walking home.

Before he could stop her she grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around its head.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, staring up into his eyes as she began sucking on his cockhead.

"You really know what you're doing," Sean murmured, his eyes still closed from the pleasure.

The woman took Sean's cock out of her mouth for a moment to reply "Thank you," in a dusky voice before returning her lips to his member.

She was wearing a tank top cut very low, displaying her large breasts to anyone who wanted a glance.