I see them in commercials with a white man, as part of a couple, and even in movies.Seriously, why are we letting them into our media, as if they were white?It isn't easy as as you have said you see loads of white men with them,but as DKB said,they are going with them willingly.

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An Asian girl who went to the same school as me randomly showed up at my place of work with her whiter than white boyfriend many years ago.

I guess the question is why do these white men go to the willingly? For instance, take a look at the newest Sin City movie.

I'm thinking it's because Asian women are easier than white women, who have some self respect and racial pride.

(for good reason I might add) I live in British Columbia, Canada, and it seems as half the white guys are taken by Asian women.You do see a lot of white women with black men now but that isn't the only reason why white men are with Asian women because it happened even before the black influx into my country. I have had a White guy tell me that he prefers Asian women; I'll never understand why.I don't find their facial features attractive in the slightest and recognize them as foreigners.She and I were not friends but I remember her saying that Eurasian babies are so cute way back in the day.I don't think it's a matter of them 'stealing' these white men--these white men go to them willingly.A while back, I was part of a co-ed recreational volleyball team that was all white.