I like the natural setting where a rock band should be, on stage and in the dark.” “You can expect us to leave it all on stage to be honest.I’m very excited, I just made a set list so I’m pretty psyched on that, it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve definitely enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.” “Definitely being away from family.

I have three kids that are getting of the age when they can realise that I’m gone, and actually care that I’m gone.

It spans the entirety of my, *laughs* solo career, which isn’t very long. It’s a full scope of where it started and where it’s going.” “You’re dating me!

Nah, it’s okay, I found a grey hair in my beard the other day…” “Honestly, the last time we played here it was the headlining slot.

After today we got to Ireland and do three shows there, then we go home for two months where I can finally get them out of my head and see what they become.

We might do some touring in November, but after that I think we’re gonna record.” Disney world is a lot like the real world; 6billion people all stepping on each other pretending they are the only ones who matter, but in Disney they all dress like professional golfers on acid.

And this was all caused because of their on-stage antics.

You might recognise the name Frank Iero if you were a fan of noughties emo-rock band My Chemical Romance. He was the one with the impeccable timing in their hit single 'I'm Not Okay' ("trust me").

He grew up with his mum ( Linda ) who made great Italian food; Frank's favourite food with eggplant.

His mum and dad divorced but his dad was a great inspiration to him so was his Grandfather (who he has a tattoo of on his arm rocking out on a drumset).

Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr is the rhythmic guitarist co - lead guitarist and back up vocalist of My Chemical Romance which formed in 2001 with band mates Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Ray Toro.