There’s a bit too much bickering going on for the couple’s taste and it doesn’t take long for Patti to see the root cause. As Apolo Anton Ohno gets ready to embark on his second season of Dancing With The Stars, we figured it was time to take a look further into his life off the ice and ballroom floor.

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His last confirmed relationship was with Allison Baver, whom he dated from 2004-2006.

It had been rumored that he had a relationship with Julianne Hough, his partner on "Dancing with the Stars" (although Hough has been falsely rumored to have "relationships" with several of her "Dancing with The Stars partners").

It was Baver’s third Olympic games having previously competed in 20.

Reports seem to indicate that Baver called things off in the months leading up to the Vancouver games so she could focus on her events, and things have definitely not rekindled since.

According to Baver’s own website, Unfortunately, the trail seems to dry up for Ohno’s love life since his split with Baver.

His 2012 DWTS partner is Karina Smirnoff, so there could be worse rumors than for speculation to point to her as his new girlfriend. She said he's an amazing person, but the relationship was very dysfunctional.They were together when he participated on , but he felt that it was best for his career and the show for her to not be in the audience.There have also been reports that a proposal happens this season, so is this episode the one?In the past, Baver dated Apolo Ohno, a fellow Olympian and they were together for about 6 years.This rumor, which started in 2005, while he was dating Baver, still remains unconfirmed, although is most unlikely. He has recently stated on his Twitter, when answering questions from fans, that he is "as single as can be." Now that the 2010 Olympic games are complete, follow him on Twitter to find out.