Researchers also noted that alert-style apps could contribute towards the commodification of women’s safety by expecting women to invest time, energy, and funds into their own safety, shifting the responsibility of safety to the victims.

Practitioners were wary of apps that provided information or recorded evidence, as domestic violence perpetrators are likely to monitor victims’ phones.

They stressed that even apps with hidden functions, like Aspire News, could be found by abusers.

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Aspire News Available on i OS; Android Features: Looks like a news app.

Help section contains articles on leaving abusive relationships and links to hotlines and resources.

She called the horrific deed “the final act of control” over her.

After Luke’s death, Rosie turned her heinous experience into an opportunity to help other women.

When users are in a dangerous situation, they can activate the Get Help feature by tapping the toolbar of the app three times.

This sends a text or a prerecorded audio message to a trusted contact or 911, alerting the contact that the user is in danger.

In February 2014, Greg Anderson murdered his 11-year-old son, Luke Batty, after a cricket practice just outside of Melbourne.

This came after years of domestic violence towards Rosie Batty, Luke’s mother.

Rosie Batty’s experience with domestic violence is unfortunately common; more than 1 in 3 women in the U. have experienced domestic violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime.

A handful of apps have been developed in recent years to educate women on signs of abuse, provide connections to resources, and alert trusted contacts in cases of emergency.“It was a great process, drawn from years of experience working with students and survivors to come up with an inclusive, broad enough tool,” said Circle of 6 CEO Nancy Schwartzman, on the creation of the app that allows users to alert trusted contacts when in need.

She became a domestic violence campaigner, was named 2015’s Australian of the Year, and partnered with community social services agency Doncare to launch i Matter.