Since the vision of the final image is yours, it is your responsibility to secure the services required. Securing the services of someone studying hair styling and makeup or trading images for services is one way to save the budget.

I will add that keeping a few basic makeup items in your studio can be a good idea, just be careful to sterilize all application brushes and pads between models by soaking in rubbing alcohol and air drying.

The right focal length of a lens for good perspective in portraits has been a hot topic of discussion since the first days of photography, and it still is.

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I keep Clinique 03 Transparency powder and when needed apply only the barest trace - if I can see it on the skin, it is too much.

It is great for killing shine on both men and women.

Amateur models are also all around you, all you have to do is convince them to be your model, which is an art in its self.

Wardrobe can range from the model's most comfortable clothing, to high fashion, to costumes, to nothing.

At 35mm on a FX or Full Frame 35mm camera, or about 24mm on a DX or Canon 1.6 camera, extension distortion becomes a major problem.

In general you should avoid using lenses with focal lengths less than 50mm (or its equivalent) for portraiture, but in special cases shorter focal length lenses can be used for creative portraiture. The further from the subject the greater the compression distortion becomes and the flatter and less 3D the subject will appear.

CAUTION: Rubbing alcohol is flammable so take the necessary precautions including NO SMOKING!

Especially important is to keep some oil absorbing tissues, some neutral colored face powder, and a sterile soft brush to apply it with so you can kill oily skin shine.

Some of the non-interchangeable lens DSLR's are also in this category.