In the 1hr we spent in each others company maybe each person said about 5 things and related to work only.

I texted her if she wanted to come over and watch a movie (she didn't reply), the next day she seemed really bummed out around me and made a comment how guys only want sex.

A few weeks of this went with her trying to make a connection, but I still think she's playing me.

Which is fine I’m fine with rejection lol, but being led on for months is not cool. Trying to make me jealous "guys at my other job keep trying to date me, but i'm like no thanks" and flirting with customers in front of me.

I still talked to other girls and completely cooled off with my attention but remained friendly.

You also get the Ultimate Bad Boy Package which includes dozens of dating advice products.

I'm asking because there's this guy I'm interested in who I've hung out with before, and he's honestly a really good friend (we have the same humour, strike up conversations easily) but I find myself wanting more outside of friendship.

Some background, I have a high sex drive and it’s difficult for me to resist the urge to sleep with someone on the first date/meeting.

A part of me has been content with this, cause I’m more into getting laid than getting a BF right now.

I can tell she was feeling guilty the rest of the day and eventually when I tried to set up the plans a day later she ignored my text.

I'm pretty pissed off she did that to me again, so at work kept it completely professional.

Eventually she got a BF and is making a big show of him on social media.