This is a temporary attraction, and the moment reality kicks in, these women tend to continue their promiscuous lives with other men.

And there is no feeling BETTER than having these women going crazy for you, calling you non-stop, and wishing you would just come over to them already, whether at their place, a hotel, or anywhere else!

The fact is, when you meet a woman who you really connect with on all levels, you tend to want her to be your girlfriend.

For over thirteen years now, I have been dedicated to the goal of helping men meet and attract women, get girlfriends, and KEEP the attraction burning strong. And I do it because it is a personal passion of mine.

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Some men are visual learners, some men need to get a “feel” first, some men need to hear it, some men learn best in a very indirect way that captures their imagination, and others need to dive right in.

Some men learn best sitting down, others learn best going for a walk and discussing at the same time.That’s because attraction is its own thing;it is an EMOTION that is triggered, and once triggered, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.With all that being said, having the REST of your life going well HELPS.As far as knowing what will help you attract women, I am truly the most experienced person in the entire field.That’s one of the reasons one of the biggest newspapers, The fact is, most of the attractive women you meet are going to have endless men around them-men that she insists are just “platonic” friends. There is no WAY these men, if straight, can POSSIBLY just see her in a platonic way.These special techniques, insights, and strategies are ones that I personally have found to be the most helpful, and they are all PROVEN to work.