I'm full of giggles with deep dipples on both sides of checks. IM a single mummy to a 9month old little boy he's my world..very caring and kind and get on with most people, i have all people in my life i need but just looking for someone to complete my family and to settle down ..

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History will one day have its say, but it will not be the history that is taught in Brussels, Paris, Washington or in the United Nations, but the history which will be taught in the countries freed from imperialism and its puppets.

Africa will write its own history, and to the north and south of the Sahara, it will be a glorious and dignified history. This is the face of an Iraqi soldier trying to escape death and was instead kissed by an inferno sponsored by our military-financial complex.

That 99% of what they hear about the world is also lies. Product of self-flattering myths inculcated long ago.

Disseminating the highly imperiled truth is everyone's job. Even when many already hate it, sensing it's crooked. They can't imagine that 99% of what they believe about the US is a lie.

Presidents come and presidents go—each one promising to deliver change.

All of them lie as they continue a legacy of immoral wars and repugnant colonialism that is turning our nation into the blitzkrieg bully of this planet.

im 31 from looking to meet a man between 25-35 for dating and maybe possible relationship.i enjoy going out to pubs/clubs and i also like football if you want to know anything else then please ask..

Ask me what u want to no, im just me, work full time, im one few loyal decent girls left, i like football, enjoy nights in or nights out, my friends are more better describin me then i am myself..

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READ ONANDRE VLTCHEK—In reality, Wahhabism does not have much to do with Islam.