Her cinema crazed parents instilled the love for film in the young actress.

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Born on April 15, 1983, Braga already has a few Hollywood movies under her belt which have helped prove her worth as an international actress and is looking forward to breaking into American television soon with a potential pilot for the television adaptation of Queen of the South on USA Network.

Back home she was raised jointly by her divorced parents who lived a few houses away from each other after separation.

As of Aprilthe actress has The first or maternal family name is Braga and the second or paternal family name is Moraes.

Archived from the original on March 13, Recent from Entertainment Pictures Quote. Has she caught the attention of any Hollywood co-star or has she found her life partner in the process of dating?

Like the name suggests, in the TV show, the related events transpire taking near the south Borders of the US.

The long run career of Alice Braga as an actress and being single all these years would raise a question about the sexual orientation of the lady, so without any further delay, the actress is reported to be single. The Brazilian star is getting rave reviews for her portrayal of Clara, a widow and retired music critic reluctant to sell the seaside apartment that holds her most cherished memories. Braga is a living embodiment of the glories of Brazilian cinema," said The New York Times."A breathtakingly intuitive actress, she's beautifully aged into an aristocratically sensual physicality, and makes Clara's firmness mingle with tenderness," said Variety."When I got the screenplay it was one of the most beautiful gifts I was getting in my whole life," Braga told The Associated Press in a recent interview in New York, where she lives.During this time, she also made an appearance in the hit Brazilian television series, Carandiru, Outras Historias.Braga appeared in her first English language role in 2006 in the independent film, Journey to the End of Night, which starred actor Brendan Fraser."I was reading the best screenplay that I ever read. Scene to scene made sense to me, through the end." This Nov.