(I live in a city that’s not very far from the English coast. I cannot give you the missing 5 euros, that’s our policy!

He says the price and she gives him a coupon.) Cashier: “I’m sorry, Ma’am. It’s a 15 euros coupon and your amount is 10.63 euros.” Customer (in English): “Please, I’d like to pay for my purchases.” Cashier (still in French): “If you give me this, you’ll have to spend all of it!

Visit the American Sign Museum and find a treasure trove of information relative to the rich tradition of sign fabrication and design.

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Visit website Contemporary Arts Center The CAC is one of the first contemporary art institutions in the United States.

It is a pioneering contemporary art museum located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I cannot give you a receipt since you didn’t pay anything for your room. ” A group of boys, about 9 years old is walking by one of the crafts.

” Customer (still in English): “I know this coupon is valid. ” (At this point, I’m wondering who’s stupider: the manager who hired someone who doesn’t know English in our city, or the tourist who didn’t even learn how to say “please, do you speak English?

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