Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written? I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members. Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!

Here is an update to that process of which I am certain.

Well, a similar advantage occurred for us with the prognostication of the West Coast EQ in late May, 2015.

Has the need to connect emotionally been taken over by the need to push on the “load more guys” button?

No three-minutes animation can answer these questions for you.

This is the End but minor variations will occur in this War of Essence on a day to day basis. It appears we have all the information we need and do not need to know more as all is set to finish.

Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

But is that the rule or just a temporary -even necessary- phase into a gay man’s life?

Does this gay online behavior help for better communication or does it isolate homosexuals from the “normality” gay men have been trying to achieve all these years?

Only you can, starting the next time you pose in front of the mirror.

With: Encounters, Friends, Grindr and Tumblr Editing: Antonio Da Silva, Rui Oliveira, Cristiano Guerreiro and Miguel Pho Music and Sound Design: KS and Antonio Da Silva Year: 2014 Length: Awards: 2015 Fap d’Or prize at La Fête du Slip Festival, Switzerland.

I was impressed to give the date of occurrence in late May as a near certainty.