I remember some of the most fun I had one time playing as a cuck was having the character tied up to a chair and thrashing around so much threatening to murder the fuck out of both of them.158508Sometimes people play asexual characters who aren't attracted to anyone in order to have them get forced into sex.

Arousal is an autonomic reflex of the body, a person who would not normally be attracted to someone can still be forced into it if they are physically some reason f-list autists mean that they can have everything female in yes and men in no or everything male in yes and women in no I think we could all benefit from a gender/orientation revamp.

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"I don't want to fuck males" is all it comes down to. And no, I don't advertise as 'dommes everything urr durr'. Because I put 'I don't fuck males' on my profiles, which instantly invalidates that entire premise! Since their COCK ADDICTS they need to have A N Y C O C K regardless of what OOC bits on their profile say about player preference? Fuck their right to pick and choose who and what they want to fuck.

They can advertise themselves as dick addicts all they want - but guess what. Their CHARACTER is dick addicts, so they should fuck males too!!!

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There's other profiles that I have the same problem with for different reasons, but I've been seeing this particular brand of it more frequently, lately. IF SHE WOULD JUST GIVE ME A C-CHANCE SHE'D K-KNOW MY BLUE IS G-G-GOOD. Don't worry anon, you trigger me far, far worse than the anons going 'Long RP isn't RP' because you're the type of shitter I have to deal with every, single, fucking, day. That I = My Character, and that my sexual preferences are completely fucking irrelevant and that I MUST want boi pusseh because of how whimpering and pathetic they are! I hope you delete all your characters and stop roleplaying.

I just want 'em to know what they're selling and sell that.158619https:// grunt ivy/I put EFFORT into this man! S-S-SHE'D SEE JUST HOW G-GREAT BIG MALE D-DICK REALLY IS. It would be one less neanderthal on the site who thinks more with their dick seeing pretty inlines and bold text, than their brain.

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I made the mistake of agreeing to play with a dark skinned shemale once.

One deleted her character after promising to RP the next day. Males listed under No I'll be honest, characters like that do nothing for me anyways, but the fact that I've seen this far more than once is starting to make me think that whoever is making these characters doesn't know what their words actually mean.